Land Registry Mapping

We provide Land Registry Compliant Maps, fast and at an affordable price. With over 20 years’ experience in providing accurate and thorough mapping with associated services, we have built a strong reputation for the provision of services for property definition and transfer for commercial & residential developments. A summary of the services we provide is given below:

  • ­ Preparation of title maps in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority – Land Registry First Registration Mapping for land transfer, land leasing, property, apartments or multi-story buildings
  • ­ Maps for the First Registration of new properties
  • ­ Maps for the First Registration of previously unregistered properties
  • ­ Maps for the First Registration of properties with the land registry which were previously recorded in the
  • ­ Deed of rectifications, i.e. repair errors in the land registry map
  • ­ Maps for Rights­of­Way and/or Wayleaves

Please contact us directly to get a quote for the preparation of a Land Registry Compliant Map.


"We are very glad that we engaged Keller Architects to under take a pre-purchase inspection. Their service was efficient and, more importantly to us, the detailed report allowed us to make an informed decision on the purchase of our future home. We never would have noticed many of the defects that they brought to our attention."

We are happy to speak to any new clients with a view to providing advice and detailed fee proposals for all types and scales of project.

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